Application Ideas

Cloud Applications

  • Apps Beyond Mobile: With more of our desktop activities migrating to the Internet,Web developers are applying the principles ofmobile app culture—software that provides fast links to games, entertainment, news, etc.—to desktop computers and browsers. Apple is set to launch an App Store for Macs in January, Google has created the Chrome Web Store (an “open marketplace for Web apps”), and new Mozilla tools let anyone turn a browser into an app store.
  • Auto Apps: Automakers are installing smartphone-linked in-car apps that allow drivers to check tire pressure, download music or keep up with their Twitter feeds. Software for Pandora, the personalized online radio station, is installed in some 2011 models; other apps let users monitor their car (e.g., an iPhone app in development for the Nissan Leaf will show the car’s electric charge).
  • Voice-Activated Apps: New tools will increasingly enable us to talk rather than type into smartphones. Freeing up the user’s hands and eyes is safer for drivers, bikers and walkers, and convenient for messaging while multitasking. With the Android app StartTalking, for example, a user signals a phone via a preassigned word, speaks a message, then commands the phone to send it.