Ecommerce ideas

Ecommerce is a continually growing and increasingly competitive part of trading. The emergence of new commerce based web portals continues to provide game-changing capabilities.

  • F-Commerce: Only a few eCommerce -savvy brands sell directly through Facebook (such as Victoria’s Secret,, Delta Airlines and JCPenney), but expect “f-commerce” to take off in the next year. By allowing Facebook visitors to shop without leaving the site, brands add a social influence to the transaction—and bring a concrete return on investment to social media
  • Group-Manipulated Pricing: eCommerce is seeing an increasing trend towards group buying online. It started with some software bundles but is becoming a stronger force. Typically it makes the advantage of group buying more explicit. Uniqlo’s Lucky Counter did this with clothing. Rather than have a fixed price—as with many of these services—the price decreases in real time as more people opt in. This gives shoppers more incentive to spread the word to friends and family to buy.
  • Micro-Businesses: Almost anyone with basic eCommerce awareness can turn a possession (home, car, iPad, etc.) or skill into some cash, enabled by peer-to-peer room-, car- or product-rental sites like Airbnb, Zilok and NeighborGoods and experience trading sites like Skyara. More people will start seeing opportunity in micro-businesses.
  • Smart-Infrastructure Investment: With the fastest urban boom in history and a push for more sustainable living, the coming years will see huge investments in smart infrastructure (such as embedding digital communication technologies into the framework of power systems). Worldwide, at least 90 smart grid pilots are being implemented. In the U.K. there will be 56m smart meters implemented by 2019. The consequences of these type of moves on broader eCommerce initiatives are being discussed in many organisations.
  • Transmedia Producers: As entertainment content takes on more transmedia qualities—extending narratives across media platforms— we’ll see more transmedia producers, authoring content across multiple platforms. A new job description includes overseeing “a project’s longterm planning, development, production, and/or maintenance of narrative continuity across multiple platforms, and creation of original storylines for new platforms.”