Use of the Cloud for delivery of IT functions creates new opportunities, but also introduces new risks. Security is a primary consideration, followed by the ways that data is stored and that applications communicate

Enterprise 2.0

Today’s always-connected workers and new ideas about worker productivity have changed the traditional 9-5 workday.Workers are reassessing their work-life balance. Companies are reassessing scheduling. Ultraflexible is becoming the new normal, with focus on ‘getting it done’ rather than ‘being there’

Social Commerce

Social media, mobile devices and location-based tools are driving new lifestyles with people increasingly showing and telling as it’s happening. This drives the Web’s evolution into a constantly updating stream of real-time information, conversation, memes and images.


Innovation is a tough part for many organisations, particulalry around the Information Technology domain. There’s the competing pressures of operational efficiency and business enablement, which can create a pendulum swing effect around the innovation part of the agenda.


  • We understand market trends, best practices, and a technology’s true potential.
  • We deliver practical value to high-impact client situations


  • We can underpin advice with facts and experience
  • We can use language appropriate to the decision makers


  • We focus on outcomes.
  • We drive for positive results.