IT Strategy

We will help you get new information technology decisions right.

From the initial ideas, through the development of a strategy, including the considerations of what is already in place, we are here to help.

Developing a strategy for an IT organisation requires the major components of demand side, supply side and the basis f governance and controls. There are many variations of a Strategy Template, but these are the basic prerequisites along with the necessary grounding in what comprises the current environment.

An example development of an IT Strategy was for a large retail financial services organisation, requiring an overhaul of the branch environment as well as the addition of support for new channels to market. The combined strategy included branch and centralised functions and was the basis for a major deployment.

…and sometimes mixing operational and information technology strategies:

In the case of an energy company, the strategy required the progressive merger of relevant parts of the operational technology alongside the IT functions. The nature of the sector requires consideration for advanced wireless communications, SCADA environments and GIS mapping as well as more conventional IT systems

There is usually a stage to define the general format for the strategy and direction along with the identification of key stakeholders. The strategy may require to be grounded in short term practicality but should always examine the 3-5 year horizon during which more significant change is possible.