IT Product Selection

We will help you through IT product selection and the related services required to support your business.

Using a combination of research and practical experience, we will help you decide the optimum IT Product selection approach for your organisation.

Selecting products , services and approach requires specialised knowledge. There may be a several stage procurement process and often there is a bias towards use of a pre-defined package or service, rather than a new development. This is particularly the case for many more generic types of solution such as ERP systems.

Differentiation may occur based around the use of new channels, cloud or social networks and there are additional considerations for each of these topic areas.

An example approach for the IT product selection of cloud services for a large global organisation included the introduction of a cloud brokerage model to assist the decision making related to individual solutions and their ultimate environments.

…and for a more typical product down selection:

There can sometimes be a wide range of solutions available from suppliers to support specific functionality. Sometimes a multi stage process can be used to good effect to reduce the amount of time spent in detailed reviews with a large number of suppliers. This can be through fact-based down-selection to a small number of finalists, from which a more detailed selection can take place.

There is not a single approach to selection; it need to be tailored to the specific circumstances within a client organisation. Once this has been agreed, various standard methodologies can be coupled with knowledge of the available offerings to help down select to a suitable product or service.