IT Support

We will help you with the IT support options required to manage the transition and transformations brought by the new technology.

Research, practical experience and knowledge of similar client situations will be used to recommend the IT support for introduction of new methods.

The change process to provide IT support for new technologies should not be underestimated. It is important to engage with business leadership for major change and this can often require a specific transition or transformation programme.

It is also unlikely that an entire existing environment will be changed at the same time and there are usually aspect of managing IT support for the existing environment alongside the introduction of a new one. This can also be coupled with new suppliers and new integration of outsourcing providers who will be part of the new approach.

An example transition is the introduction of a new banking platform including the deployment of many thousands of new devices as part of a rollout plan. This exercise was complex because there were existing operations requiring IT support alongside the deployment of the new capabilities, plus significant staff retraining and the use of third part provider to assist the deployment,

…and a new management approach introduced as part of a transition:

This programme included the introduction of a new type of sales force, along with new methodologies and toolsets. the teams involved were spread across Europe and needed to adopt new standard methodologies as well as raising their game related to the handling of relevant vertical industry specialisms. Background technologies including discussion forums, documentation repositories and extensive lead and pipeline tracking models were included in the approach.

The approach through implementation can be extended and requires good trust and experience to assist identify problem areas and their mitigation. A well functioning organisation is still likely to have some challenges during a major change programme and the external perspective can assist the speedy identification and resolution of issues.