Social Commerce

Social Commerce

Social media, mobile devices and location-based tools are driving new lifestyles with people increasingly showing and telling as it’s happening. This social commerce drives the Web’s evolution into a constantly updating stream of real-time information, conversation, memes and images.

The proliferation of smart devices means social commerce streams are seamlessly accompanying more people around the clock and in almost any given location.

Real-time radical transparency is cultivating a more mass culture and shifting perceptions of “private” and “current,” moving modern life into the “open” and “now.”

But there’s still divided opinion about social commerce. There’s the evangelists saying its the next big thing and the doubters asking whether any of it is really monetizable.

At the vanguard of the move from bricks, to flicks and clicks are the companies that already embrace social commerce ideas.

  • It could be using Facebook to bring the social commerce retail experience to the consumer, touting limited editions, hot tickets and creating campus stores that are just more varied than anything on the high street.
  • Or maybe getting the right social commerce demographic and creating hyper-personalisation “Its exactly how I want it”, whilst creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  • And even creating the social commerce experience through the on-line way of transacting business. “I know who you are, what you like and probably can introduce you to some others that are like minded”.

The trick with all of this is to make things more relevant, easier to transact and to harness advocacy.

There’s still some barriers to overcome, mainly around privacy and increasingly around autonomy – such that people want to ‘take a look around’ rather than just to receive suggestions.

But the inescapable truth is that social commerce is happening.

And its right now.