Technology Innovation

Innovation is a tough part for many organisations, particulalry around the Information Technology domain. There’s the competing pressures of operational efficiency and business enablement, which can create a pendulum swing effect around the innovation part of the agenda.

Some major trends are emerging and successful business needs to pay attention.

  • Mobile Hubs: More consumers and brands are embracing a trend that will manifest in a multitude of ways next year—from mobile memes to “moblogging” to waning interest in point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Media transformation: The evolution of media as content becomes digitized over various platforms: Books will take new forms, entertainment will go transmedia, and journalists will get more entrepreneurial.
  • Smart infrastructureWe’ll see smart infrastructure ramping up, tablets for tots as this platform gets widely adopted and some truly futuristic-seeming developments (3D printing, virtual mirrors,electronic profiling)
  • Mobile Money:The digital wallet became a reality for more consumers in more markets and we are now seeing contactless digital commerce supporting regular payments.
  • De-Tech: To balance the increasing immersion in the digital world, people will embrace face-toface gatherings and digital downtime.
  • Crowdfunding: An example is Kickstarter, launched in 2009, which has raised
    more than $20 million in funds for projects so far, including one recent project that garnered
    almost a million dollars from more than 13,000 backers.
  • The Decline of E-mail: Facebook is making updates so that sending a message will feel more like texting than e-mailing. ComScore numbers show a drop of about 6 percent in 2010 for total unique visitors in the U.S. to e-mail sites like Yahoo! and Hotmail; visits from teenagers dropped by 18 percent. While visits to Gmail’s site have risen, services there now also include video conferencing, instant messaging and phone calling.